Where handicraft meets clients

An attempt to create a marketplace for artisans and custom made objects.

2015 - 2018: End of project

Every journey has an end and it's always good. Kleeia has been an incredible experience in terms of business, tecnical and human development for us. At the WebSummit in 2016 and 2017, as ALPHA Exhibitor, we had the confirmation of the project's potential. Unfortunately as figures shown, we also found failure due to lack of funds and experience.

We warmly thank all subscribers. The Kleeia repository is freely available on github.com.

Contributors: Emanuele / Francesca / Agostino. Built with: LEMP, jQuery, WordPress and WooCommerce.

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WebSummit 2017 - Booth

Some Memories

WebSummit 2016 - Booth
WebSummit 2016 - Pitch Challenge